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Presentation: Concept Proposal for a Third Generation Online Community of Practice Platform

This short ten-slide PowerPoint presentation covers my concept proposal for a radically new third generation online community of practice platform. This platform will be very different from existing first and second generation online community of practice platforms and will eventually replace most if not all of them.

Graphic: Participation and Contribution Inequality at a Community of Practice (COP)

There tends to be a great inequality when it comes to participation and contributions on the average community of practice (COP). I have prepared this downloadable PowerPoint training graphic to display this. Here is a smaller preview version of the full size graphic:

This presentation and the support guide are released for use under the following license:

Training Presentation: Community of Practice (COP) Content Management

Training Presentation: Community of Practice (COP) Content Management

Content management is one of those essential skills that every community of practice (COP) facilitator must learn if the COP they manage is to grow and prosper. This 16 slide PowerPoint training presentation will give you the basic skills and tips you need to be successful in this area.

The file can be downloaded below.

I have removed all background graphics and kept the theme simple to allow others to apply their own themes to this training presentation.

Paper: Understanding Community of Practice Topics

Some folks have a difficult time understanding the concept and purpose of a topic on a Community of practice (COP). This short four page paper I have authored will help you to understand what topics are, how best to make use of them and how to avoid topic pitfalls. It will also give you some tips, based on my own personal experiences, on making them successful.

Here is a short teaser from the paper:

Training Presentation: Moderating Community of Practice (COP) Discussions

Back in 2008 I was tasked to design, put together and instruct a one week certified training course for the U.S. Army for new facilitators of online communities of practice.

I have decided to make selected training presentations, with appropriate updates and modification for the civilian world, available to all my fellow KM colleagues.

My first 16 slide PowerPoint training presentation release is titled “Moderating Community of Practice (COP) Discussions” and gives training on how to moderate online conversations.

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