The Survival Guide Pilot Project - A case study in no dollar KM

Teaser from the case study:

Purpose of this study:

This case study documents the “Survival Guide Pilot Project” undertaken by Class 001-2007 of the Quartermaster Center and School (QMC&S) at Fort Lee, VA, at LOGNet’s suggestion, so it can be applied in other similar situations.

Definitions as used in this case study:

Survival Guide: An informal peer generated publication designed to provide knowledge of an experiential nature to Soldiers and designed to get them through the first 90-180 days of a specific job function new to them by shortening the learning curve, minimizing negative experiences and outcomes, and increasing the number of positive results. This guide is not designed to replace, ARs, FMs or TMs in anyway but simply to provide complementary knowledge from those who have previously performed the same job successfully themselves. What is contained in these guides represents the kind of knowledge and experience a senior mentor or peer might impart to you over coffee but much more detailed and structured. The primary goal of the guide is to get the individual “over the hump” and increase the odds of both job and career success.

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